Problems with installation on debian 9

I am testing the installation of iCallify on Debian 9 with the script, but after finishing and opening the browser I get the following error.

Apparently it’s a problem with PHP, I’ve been doing some research and the PHP repository is offline for Debian 9.
Is it possible to install on another version of Debian?

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Please check PHP is installed or not on your server. If it is not installed then please first install PHP 7.3 on the server.

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I can’t install PHP because the repositories are offline because debian 9 is a very old version.

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Thanks for letting us know. we also faced that and we came to know that Debian 9 has discontinued the support of PHP. So we are finding a solution for that and alternatively, we are working on Debian 11 for the same. Once it will be done we will update it here.

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Any news on that? Same problem here some days ago.

I can add that after installed PHP 7.3 on Debian 9, it seems to be missed even ioncube package.

I have resolved the installation issue using Debian 11 amd64.

For first thing I have deleted the old VM and reinstalled new VM with Debian 11.

I have opened the and applied following modifies.

at row 131:

apt-get install -y dnsutils curl cron sudo linux-image-amd64 linux-headers-amd64

modified into:

apt-get install -y dnsutils curl cron sudo linux-image-amd64 linux-headers-amd64 software-properties-common dirmngr gnupg2 apt-transport-https wget curl

after that I have launched the installation scripts and followed all instructions.

If at the end you should have some other error, I issued following command:

apt-get installed mariadb -y

at the end it works.

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As we updated here, we are working on the script for Debian 11, and also we are working to find the solution for PHP installation on Debian 9. we found the solution for that. we will share the script shortly which is working for Debian 9 and Debian 11.

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The new script is ready for the install iCallify-V3.0. This script is working fine for both Debian 9 and Debian 11 OS. PHP installation issue is also fixed in this new updated script of iCallify-V3.0.
We posted the updated script in iCallify portal. You can check with the below URLs:

Feel free to post other queries here.
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