Updating SSL certificate in iCallify server

By default, iCallify comes with default installed SSL certificate which you will need to update/replace with your SSL certificate in order to make the portal work with HTTPS and WebRTC webphone working.

Here are the steps to update SSL certificate in iCallify server:

[1] Download the key and crt file from the SSL provider and copy to the server

[2] Go to /etc/ssl/icssl path

cd /etc/ssl/icssl

[3] Move old SSL certificates in the below format


mv icallify.crt icallify_YYYYMMDD.crt
mv icallify.key icallify_YYYYMMDD.key

[4] Recreate the crt and key empty files by using the below commands :

touch icallify.crt
touch icallify.key

[5] Copy crt and key file content from your SSL cert into those newly created .crt and .key files by editing file using tools such as nano

nano icallify.crt
nano icallify.key

[6] Check the below query and it’s output

apache2ctl -t

Output: Syntax OK

[7] Restart the apache2 service and check the status

systemctl restart apache2
systemctl status apache2

[8] Run the below command and check SSL certificate is uploaded or not

curl --verbose https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/admin/

NOTE: Here, https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/admin/ the URL is the admin portal URL of iCallify